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What Do You Have a Knife Full Video? – The Hunt For the Wilderpeople Review

The guys who make The Hunt for the Wilderpeople are completely stupid if they actually believe that The Gift of the Magi will give us an answer to what do you have a knife full video? I guess the answer is to read on. The Gift of the Magi is a series of twelve one hour films written and directed by Taika Waititi. It was written as a follow up to the hit Southland Tales but in my opinion a lot of the same tropes are present here. A young boy goes back in time to clean up a cave full of evil magicians, a man who can get the most important objects out of existence by just doing the simplest thing and also a battle for succession between two family members who might not be how you first thought they were.

All this happens because the New Zealand government, according to the opening credits of The Gift of the Magi, has to deactivate the North Island’s Great Barrier Reef before they decide to dig the Great Pacific DL. Because of this event, all the magic is missing and unfortunately everybody forgets to record any information about it. For every five days of the time period we get to see twelve one-hour films because they were recording it at the same time the TV show took place. This leads to the situation where we do not have a lot of details about what happened in that moment and also makes the story more complicated.

Not only does this cause confusion for the viewer but also the different characters come off as their typical self and so very little has been resolved about the main story. The Hunt for the Wilderpeople will most likely have a plot and a logical reason for every single action a character takes. One of the best things about this film is the pace. The films are very short and I am sure the first movie was a struggle for them but with The Gift of the Magi they really ramp up the pace. Some will consider this a downfall and maybe it is, but it helps make the whole thing much more clear and entertaining to watch. Overall, I would say that this is a disappointing film that is difficult to classify to a specific genre.