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What Order Should I Watch Marvel Movies?

what order should i watch marvel movies

What Order Should I Watch Marvel Movies?

You’ve probably heard the question, “What order should I watch Marvel films?” I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be spoiled for choice. That’s the thing with movies – there are always going to be one or two that you like better than the rest. The reason I think this is that it’s something that all movies share. You’ve got to accept the fact that you are going to have a favorite before it fades away. When you start thinking in terms of “what order should I watch Marvel movies” then you may get caught up in the fact that some of the movies are better than others. However, you should always remember that these aren’t necessarily better than other movies in the same genre.

For example, “The Avengers” is an awesome movie. It’s probably one of the best Marvel films that I’ve seen in a long time. However, it isn’t necessarily the best film in the series. It’s definitely not the worst film. If you watch the other films then you can see that some of them are better than others.

What order should I watch Marvel films? The obvious answer is the order in which they were released. However, the one thing that is also true is that some films from the same genre don’t actually end up being the best or worst, so you have to take them as they come and enjoy the movie.